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Heather Gray 8oz series, heavier than WhiteLabel, is now available!


The most requested heather gray is now available in mil-spec spec.

This series uses a thicker fabric and a binder neckline to withstand the heavy weight of the fabric, and is a project unique to MINE, which is made in the U.S.A. with particular attention to materials and detailing.

The addition of a little polyester gives the garment excellent durability and longevity. Made through a high quality manufacturing process, the product can withstand daily activities and outdoor activities.

Both the T-shirt and the shorts are adorned with a simple MINE pith name.

The shorts will be released at the same time as the shirts, so don't miss out!


    1: Length 68 / Body width 94 / Shoulder width 44 / Sleeve length 20


    2: Length 70 / Body width 106 / Shoulder width 48 / Sleeve length 20


    3: Length 72 / Body width 114 / Shoulder width 52 / Sleeve length 21


    4: Length 74 / Body width 128 / Shoulder width 57 / Sleeve length 21


    5: Length 76 / Height 132 / Shoulder width 62 / Sleeve length 22.5



    Unlike our other products, this is a product without product washing, so please note that there will be 1-2cm of shrinkage in length after washing.



    Please note that there may be an error in the above size specifications.



     Please refer to the above size specifications as a reference size.



    Please pay according to the contents of the e-mail that will be automatically sent to you after you place an order.



    There is a possibility that the item is out of stock at the time you place your order.



    In that case, we will cancel your order after sending you an order cancellation e-mail.