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A capsule collection in collaboration with MINE and PARKER, which has a store in Shinjuku Gyoen, will be released on April 27th.

In addition, to coincide with the reopening on June 1st, a POPUP will also be held at PARKER!

The logo was created specially for this occasion by the MINE design team, sharing the same image as PARKER, and the body is of course made by MINE USA, so it goes beyond the scope of a shop T-shirt.

As many of you may already know, PARKER is a distributor that handles miscellaneous goods, furniture, diffusers, vases, and more from all over the world with its own unique style.

  • About "PARKER"

    PARKER is a combination of PARK and ER, with the aim of conveying the meaning of someone who uses and enjoys parks.

    Located right next to Shinjuku Gyoen, a historic park where you can enjoy the changing seasons in the middle of the city, we are creating a place that connects the park's natural environment with the surrounding city.

    The General Shop offers a selection of items from Japan and abroad that will enrich your daily life, such as candles, home mists, flower vases, and tableware, while the attached café offers coffee, ice cream, Singer cordial, and other groceries.

    PARKER will give you ideas for a better day through your time here, something you can only find here.


    0: Length 66 / Width 82 / Shoulder width 39 / Sleeve length 60

    1: Length 68 / Width 94 / Shoulder width 47 / Sleeve length 61.5

    2: Length 70 / Width 106 / Shoulder width 50 / Sleeve length 62.5

    3: Length 72 / Width 114 / Shoulder width 53 / Sleeve length 63

    4: Length 74 / Width 128 / Shoulder width 56 / Sleeve length 64

    *The above size chart may contain numerical errors.
    Please use this as a reference size.

Body Color: WHITE
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